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“we play with Barney everyday…”

She loves, adores and is obsessed with Barney; on tv and in books only. so i thought, “why not bring her to see him in person?”

She was so exultant when…

her big, friendly, purple dinosaur made an appearance(after Pingu and Fireman Sam)!!! Though the last act, I think Barney was the only one who got the kids up and about, screaming and waving, singing and dancing like they’re high on sugar! Fateha, too, but she was seated while watching her three favourite dinosaurs on stage.

We went up to the third floor to watch. See the crowd? Those were the lucky ones who were there early and spent $40 and they got to rub elbows with Barney, BJ and Baby Bop! We could if we wanted to but we have other plans; same place, next week 😀

Once the crowd vacated the area, we went down to get a closer view of Barney, since they were doing a photo session. Fateha was ecstatic!!! She kept asking me to bring her on the stage, which of course we couldn’t. No ticket 😦

I think Baby Bop was very cute. She looked adorable, just like any three year old. However, I think, the other three year old was very mentel!

And who’s coming next week???


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