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a stale beach holiday

we were excited to embark on our beach holiday. but as we were nearing the resort, its looks left me feeling aghast!

maintenance done on this building, i bet none. i have a strong feeling that it has been left like that since the day it was built. but our retreat didn’t go as bad as it sounded. we still had fun!

dinner at Old Town White Coffee, food was great!

the sun, the sand and the sea.

and not forgetting, reliving the memories of playing on the good ol swing 😉 Fateha’s first and my thousandth! it sure brought back the little kid in me. remember, swinging as high as we could go and step on the swing a foot at a time and swing while standing? shiok right? but i didn’t do it. i was getting dizzy already.

we got back from our day out just in time to catch the sunset 😀

hubby and i in lovey dovey moments. lmao. it may not seem romantic to others but the glaring and staring into each others eyes part made not just butterflies but also locusts in my tummy flying crazily!

though i love the sunsets and the once in a bluest moon lunar eclipse that i managed to experience, i hate port dickson. seriously, i didn’t find anything so awesome and interesting. the only thing i enjoyed was the company; my folks, my youngest brother, hubby and Fateha. oh, and basking in the hot sun at the beach too.

that’s it!

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