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first day boo boo

i don’t blame her for crying today, on her first day of school. i kind of expected that already. it was either she cried or i cried. lol. had a quick lunch just to see her got on the school van today but there was a disruption in the transportation so i had to get back into class. i missed seeing her up the van.

anyways, the caregiver told me that she had to follow Fateha in the van because she was SCREAMING for her once the van lady strapped her onto her seat. haha! funny little girl.

i pleaded was granted one hour time off from work (at 4pm) so that i could get to her school in the late afternoon. this year, her school hours has been extended from two to four hours. great! more can be done on her by great teachers and therapists.

Fateha saw me walking up to the soft play room, where she and her classmates were, and gave me a surprised look, from the window. tsk, the drama mama! oh, i made friends with one of her classmates’ mom. nice lady, she was. so i got to know that the children in that class were all diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay. and that mom told me how her son has been showing great improvements since the first time he joined the programme. yay!

Fateha’s got a new teacher and totally new classmates too. i managed to sneak my camera into the class (i didn’t think it was prohibited, anyways) and snapped her cheeky self in action.

trying to warm up with Teacher Ayu.

i think she has some form of attachment with her previous class teacher, Teacher Pavitra (whom she lovingly called Teacher Pavi), cos she kept asking for her. and Teacher Pavi was in the soft play room as well. so i approached her and chatted for awhile, before i stopped after realising that i was sounding like a nosy parent.

they seemed to be enjoying rolling off the log.

nice friends she has in her class now. much more cheerful and slightly more vocal than her previous classmates. i hope this will boost her social skill as she interacts with them. i must admit that i enjoyed seeing Fateha and Valencia chuckling and giggling to each other. another yay!!


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