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playing outside

i remembered having so much fun playing outside the house, along the corridors with my screaming brothers when we were so much younger. cos that was where we spent most of our playtime at, besides the playground and the big drain along the parking lots.

i didn’t want to coop her up indoors all of her childhood so i opened the door today and let her loose! she was happy to be moving along the corridors on her little trike. but i disliked how quiet it was. unlike my time, children of all ages played outside from the time they got back from school at 1pm all the way till 7pm. some even later.

i felt bored, watching her cycled to and fro, around the rubbish chute and towards the lift. it was too quiet that i was scared of making too much noise. each time she called out for me, while i took deep deep breaths of fresh air which was blowing furiously on my face, i shushed her and asked her to keep it down. and she was not even screaming. yes! it was that quiet.

anyone here??

not a single soul was seen outside. scary? no. it’s a pity for the kids, i would say.

i’m bored, ibu. let’s go home…

we stayed out for about 20 minutes before we went back inside. but i promised her that i’ll bring her downstairs, next time. to the new playground that was installed recently. yay!



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