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what a BEACH!

the last time i had so much fun at the beach with my paternal family was…err…okay! i can’t recall. but i’m sure it was waaaay too long ago. we made plans and decided to hit the beach as one battalion.

what surprised us was we were sharing the waters with…

jellyfish. not one, not two…but lotsa them!

my brother and uncle were the ones who daringly caught the jellyfishes with their bare hands. fortunately they weren’t stung. maybe they had secret powers! being thoughtful people that we are, we put them in a clay ware we found in the bushes filled with sea water. just to keep them alive.

we had a cake cutting time too, celebrating Fateha’s birthday together with my brother’s and his wedding anniversary. all in one. the cake design was a bit wrong for this anniversary celebration but the flavour was to die for! royal chocolate, a heaven on a earth!

remember Fateha being aquaphobic? she overcame her fears and swam in the water with everyone. for a matter of fact, she didn’t want to get out of the water! what a change, i must say. so everyone enjoyed their swim except for me. i didn’t bring extra clean undies for a change. i just had my legs dipped.

oh, don’t worry about the jellyfishes. we threw them back into the waters right before we left. and when the waves hit back, one little jello beached. so my brother had to push it back in…using a stick.


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