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and you know that i admire you…

i’m sure that there are no parents in this world who do not love their children. though i know that there ARE definitely some bad parents who neglect, abuse and hate their kids to the core that they’d rather see their own broods die.

i’m lucky to meet and get acquainted with some parents who just adore their little children. i don’t mean normal parents with very normal, talking, walking and running kids. i’m talking about parents with special needs children. they are the ones who inspire me to look at Fateha in a positive way.

she may look normal to everyone who sees her. they even argue with me when i say she’s not normal. i have had some people saying what a bad parent i was for saying such things about my own child. *rolls eyes*

born as a micro preemie with Erb’s Palsy and later diagnosed with Hypertonia (high muscle tone) and Global Developmental Delay, she could crush my fragile heart at any moment of her life. at every doctors’ appointment, there are sure some heartache moments especially when we are told of negative this and negative that. now not every parent can swallow. they are like sharp stabs that puncture you so badly and then this special little one brings you back to life, looking forward to see her angelic face.

with ever supportive grandparents

i’m proud to be making the decision to put her in a special school, where she is attending an Early Intervention Programme.  this is her third year in that school and she has been showing great progress especially in her speech. though not perfect, she speaks with understanding. her social skills are marvelous! she gets along well with everybody and anybody.

she greets our neighbours when she sees them (and fond of saying “good morning” at any time of the day), she readily says “sorry” if she thinks she blocks the way of others. she adores young children and loves babies! and we’re in the process of getting a little playmate for her.

oh yea, she’s doing pretty well with her potty training. YAY! still in diapers, though. i’m just not ready to let her off it completely.

the ONLY thing that hinders most of her daily activities and routines is her walking. she still needs to be leaning against a wall or structure whilst i do some chores and she needs to hold my hand when walking. basically, she still needs the support. we’ve tried letting go of our hands but she will have a disgraceful fall. she will fall without trying to stop herself or putting out her hand to grab on something. she will fall like a little piece of domino. she’s good at knee walking, though. but her knees are becoming sore.

it is sad. looking at your almost perfect kid unable to do one thing that is so basic. walk. no! it is not mainly due to her delay. as i have mentioned earlier, she has Hypertonia in her calve muscles. when she walks, she will tiptoe. her ankles are very tight and her muscles do not help her much.

i have faith in her. i know she will definitely be walking independently.

one day.

one fine day.


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