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book picking

brought the little girl to the library last Friday after i knocked off from work. since the husband was away, doing his yearly soldierly duties, i took the chance to spend time with Fateha just within the vicinity of our neighbourhood.

it wasn’t her first time in the library but it was her very first exploration on her own, with me watching from 3 footsteps away. she was so excited when i told her where we were heading to and she couldn’t stop screaming with joy. in the bus.

i felt sorry for her for not knowing what to do with those shelved books and how to pick one and if she didn’t want, what could she do with it. since i was not far away from her, i had to keep telling her, “put it back! put it back! here! no no! here!”

but i was quite happy with her first choice of book. The Greedy Python by Eric Carle.

firstly, being an animal lover myself, i’d be the happiest if she become one too and pick anything animal. secondly, she could recognize books by Eric Carle. we have one at home, the most popular one; The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which she read with much enthusiasm on the word “very hungry”.

i asked her to pick the second book. by this time, she got distracted by a little girl who was looking at her. i tried hard to keep her attention in picking out a book. no success! i tried walking away and got her a book on facts about elephant, cause it’s her favourite animal. didn’t work! she was more interested in the little toddler.

Fateha wanted to kiss the girl, which of course i didn’t allow. very unhygienic. hahah! she kept on calling the little girl to follow her here and there, and so generously threw some books to the floor, asking the toddler to choose. tsk! she was being too kakak-kakak! it’s high time we get a sibling for her. lol.

when i finally grabbed her and went over to shelves far away from the little girl (i know i’m bad, i’m bad), she chose a book that was not exciting enough. the book was yet to be read, she didn’t even ask for it. but The Greedy Python was read twice; once with me and the other with daddy (when he came back for the weekend). she loved it!

i should scout for more animal books!!!

p/s: Fateha is not reading yet. she merely mimic my reading with her. we talk about the pictures more than recognizing the words. not at her stage yet and because of GDD, i don’t wanna force her.


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