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a thousand question

A good news for us. The second school term just started and Little Miss went to school without trickling a tear when boarding her school van. YAY!!!

And recently, she couldn’t stop asking questions. Sometimes, she would repeat the same thing a few times in a single breath!

Her: Ibu, what is this?
Me: jungle.
Her: ohh. Ibu, what is this?
Me: people.
Her: What is this? What is this?
Me: ORANG JAHAT!! (Bad people)
Her: uh-oh! Orang jahat! Where?!?
Me: grrrr!!!!
Her: Ya Allah!

That’s her favourite line, although she has few others. I got frustrated initially but when I got to thinking, I knew that she’s just trying to learn what she was seeing. I had to simplify my answers, though, making it easier for her to repeat after me.

My active learner!

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