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“they tried to make me go to Rehab, i say NO NO NO!”

nah nah not rehab for drugs. it’s pediatric rehab.

at noon yesterday we brought her to see A/Prof Ong and his neuro team.  he did as he promised us, to allow Fateha to try walking with the quad sticks. though it was not quite successful, but i got a little teary.

they also checked her Erb’s arm. i heard a lot of things that a normal person would NEVER understand. “blah blah blah surgery…blah blah blah deltoid… brachial plexus… blah blah blah C6 – C7…..blah blah blah botox.” they discussed many things and had to call in Fateha’s OT that she’s regular with.

surgery on her biceps was amongst the treatment that were discussed but not confirmed. my heart wrenched when A/Prof Ong mentioned that her biceps were shortened and contracted, probably due to not being able to flex and stretch. and the culprit was her super weak triceps. they were very small and not doing what they were supposed to do for normal people. *sigh*

but the sunny side of this was that we could help to wake her “sleeping” triceps up in order to get her biceps working better. and to get this done, we had to come back for a regular therapy in the hospital. and according to her OT, who recently went to Fateha’s school to collaborate with her OT there, the school would not be able to do this as they did not have the equipment.

it’s so hard being a working mum with a special needs child. if only i could be available at any time any day, i’d have brought her for therapy sessions without having to apply for a leave from work. the bosses were not liking this.

anyway, they would be stimulating Fateha’s triceps using a Muscle Stimulating Electrodes.

she had this treatment before; during her monthly therapy during infancy, back when our favourite PT Fauzan was her main person-in-charge. he knew Fateha so much better because he had treated her when she was still in the incubator. too  bad, he left the hospital to be a lecturer in one of the polytechnics.

the only pic i have of her with the electrodes, during physio with Fauzan.

according to her current OT, we may need to get the electrodes ourselves once Fateha’s muscles are working well with the stimulation. all because they are not renting it out from the hospital and the school does not have it. the thing is, money is an issue for us. the electrodes price range is between $200-$500. and hubby has scrapped the idea of getting a maid.

err…is there any kind soul who has the electrodes and is willing to rent/sell it to us?

pweety pweeeeeeease?


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