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that’s so cheesy!

we bought:

– pita (4 in a pack)
– PREGO traditional sauce
– beef pepperoni (from Cold Storage halal meat section)
– Perfect Italiano Mozzarella grated cheese

i showed her a bit how to spread the sauce on the pre-cooked pita and she added 4 spoonfuls…

…and piled on the pepperonis!!! hubby told me to let her be; she could just mess up the whole pita with the ingredients ’cause it was hers.  i couldn’t help myself but to rearrange them a little to make it neater.

but being a cheese lover, i left it to her on the amount of those mozzarella she wanted to sprinkle. there were some leftovers, i just had to finish ’em up. the thought of cheese melting on top of the pepperonis and pulling out a slice of the pizza with the melted cheese stretching out gave me adrenaline rush!

from this…

to this!!! i know, you can’t even see the pepperonis. LOL!

a quarter was served to her but she was only eating the cheese and pepperoni and licked the sauce, leaving a clean and half-eaten pita. the remaining 3 slices were eaten up by hubby, mostly, cause i was only looking for the cheese!

yes i am THAT mad about cheese. i could just eat it like that. and i might just buy another pack of pita and mozzarella cheese and sprinkle them on the sauced pita, bake and eat it like that. no pepperoni, capsicum, mushroom or whatever rubbish people would normally add. just cheeeeeeese!


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