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this is.
this is the.
this is the cheeky girl.
this is the cheeky girl who impresses me.
this is the cheeky girl who impresses me with her antics.

did you get irritated? i thought of writing in a new way because i hate it when i get a writer’s block when there are so many things i wanna write about. wherever i go, my camera will be just a grab away. i’ll snap anything i can and check ’em out if i can come up with an entry. honestly, i get envious reading blog entries that are so well written. i like funny ones and those about families and kids.

i get inspired by bloggers who blog about their kids especially with preemies or special needs darlings. but i think my biggest inspiration would be my very own preemie. i enjoy watching her strong will, pushing herself to do some tasks.

remember me potty training her? so far it has been a great success whenever she is at home. she knows that she needs to pee or poo in the toilet. she calls for either me or hubby. i dare say that she is getting so good at this. the only thing we’re still scared to try is diaper-free day out.

BUT, i tried letting her be without diaper yesterday when we were out to visit my grandma. kept reminding her that she would not be wearing one and she mustn’t pee in the car. every few minutes i’d be asking if she was ok. and most of the time she’d be answering me with a nod. fine.

so the whole day went by with Fateha staying dry all the way. YIPPEEE!!! i rewarded her with two dollars.

not just that. recently, she has been showing eagerness to put on her own clothes. though it is difficult for her to put her Erb’s arm through the sleeve, she does not give up. i’d say her perseverance threshold is quite high. her left arm will help to pull it out. i feel like crying! someone, get me a kleenex! *wipes tears*

other chores in the process:
1) combing
2) putting on/removing pants
3) putting on/removing shoes
4) all the above with her Erb’s arm

from the pictures above, i think you can guess how she powders herself after a bath. LOL! i’ll always end up laughing hysterically.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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