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old is gold

i chanced upon a big bag of old henna powder in the kitchen recently, which i thought i have thrown it away a long, long, loooooooong time ago! i was so delighted, even though it was already old, i thought there might be just other things i could do with them.

as henna artists know, old and unused henna powder might never give the best, darkest stains. after all, that’s what everybody wants from the henna. so i wasn’t looking forward to any stain, at all, from any batches that i would be making. but i decided that i could use them for my personal use. PRACTICE (when there are no henna calls.)

so over the weekends, i came up with a design inspired by great henna artists and one from a student of a henna artist.

i was rather surprised to find orangey stain on my fingertips. well, at least i could still trust the oldie.


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