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Inside of Me

remember my post on smashing the pregnancy test kits every time they showed negative results? here it is.

recently, after observing very closely to my menstrual cycle and after noticing that i was late for a few a days, i bought yet another batch of test kits. yes, more than one. they included different types of kits; cassettes, sticks and even digital one. i could be very very greedy. well, at the very least i could triple confirm it.

and when i finally decided to test it out (starting with the cheapest first), i was so ready to smash it but there were two lines. one was fainter than the other. i rubbed my eyes just to make sure. brought it to hubby who was on the bed and asked him.

me: how many lines do you see?
him: 2. what’s this?

i was leaping with joy, in my heart. was it true that i have been impregnated? then i used the digital one, which one expensive of course.

seeing “3+” on the screen made me jellied at the knees. when i checked what it meant, i was surprised. i was already 5 weeks into my pregnancy. so i did my own calculation using the LMP method and true enough, i was in my 5th week. YAY!

and after months of trying, now hubby can make use of his “raincoats” once more.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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