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Who can it be now?

We are 9 weeks now!


So, it is still waaaay too early to find out what is the baby’s gender. However, I have come up with my own way to tell if I could be carrying a boy or a girl. Which of course, are all assumptions.

I was still not showing any pregnancy symptoms till i was 6 weeks pregnant. The vomitting was, and still is, BAD! I couldn’t eat much food, let alone a full meal. I know it is bad but all I can ever afford is just snacking. Fruits are well accepted by the little person but other than that, nothing else.

Though these are very common symptoms a pregnant lady will face, there just some other things that are making me guess that I could be carrying a little man.

1) Lazy. Since turning 6 weeks, I have succumbed to the way I’d usually describe myself in some social networks; a pure lazy bum! Yes, tremendous amount of pure laziness. At work, I would be walking up and down the pantry to get hot drinks and biscuits instead of, you know, working. Out of a hundred percent, my work input would be only thirty percent.

And when I am at home, the sofa has been my bestest friend. Lying in it has been my favourite activity. So you can imagine what I do at home when it’s not a working day. Plus, school holiday has just started for me, I’ll be making a huge compression on my sofa. (sorry, hubby. I am not to be blamed!)

2) Dressing Down. I have not been dressing myself up these days. I’m surprised at how much I refuse to look into the mirror. I still do make ups but just powder and a little bit of blusher. That is all. No usual eyeliner, mascara and even lipstick! People are telling me how extremely pale I look. My answer to that, “I am pregnant and this is my natural look.”

Perfumes? Sorry, no thanks! Not a even a little splash of it. No! Get it away from me! I prefer my natural body smell.

3) Kitchen. The place at home that I simply cannot enter. I cannot even prepare meals for hubby without vomitting. There’s a certain smell in my kitchen that prevented me from going in. My kitchen is very small, yes, very small. 3 adults in it can be considered as very crowded. Plus, hubby does the laundry there too and when he hangs them up, the smell of the freshly washed clothings makes me giddy. It is the smell of the fabric detergent! Hate it.

{ Now guys do not get offended. I know not all guys are like what I said. There are also some lazy girls, I admit. }

While I am only assuming, I am also hoping that I AM carrying a little man. It will be a perfect sibling for Fateha and child for us. 1 girl + 1 boy = complete family. And after this, I’m not sure if I would be looking forward for another. Enough, for now.

Plus, I may look young (that’s what people are saying) but I am no teen. Just turned 31 last week and I may be left with insufficient energy and strength to go further next time. Anyway, praying that this time my womb, uterus and cervix are strong enough to carry my pregnancy till I am fully due. One preemie in the house is already too much to handle.

Oh, and a perfectly healthy bouncy baby, too.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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