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14 weeks, are we!

My apologies for taking too long to post an entry! My lazy bones are up to their mischief again…*sigh*

anyway, we are into our 14th week now, and everything seems to be a-okay. My bump-bump is still looking small, some refused to believe I am expecting. I think they’re expecting my bump to protrude like a 3rd trimester’s. If so, they’re just being silly and I forgive them. Although I have to admit that my blood was boiling every time they said that.


I get worried about my little astronaut in me for no reason. Can’t blame me, you know, for what I went through when I was carrying Fateha had scarred me. For life! Recently I found my bump-bump looking as though it got even smaller. Isn’t that worrisome??? I kept checking if I was leaking and luckily, thank Allah, I was not.

So to check, externally, I lie down and observe any baby activity. I know it’s still too early to see my baby’s movements but I can see my uterus moving. Like a tennis ball, sticking out in the corner and disappear. And then reappear again in the other corner. Hahah! It was so cute. From this at least I know my astronaut is still doing so well.

*keeping fingers crossed*

Vomitting!!! The worst part of pregnancy. Luckily now, it has reduced in frequency. When I used to vomit at any time of the day, countless of times, now it’s only in the morning when I take a shower. Yes!!!! Oh but last 2 nights were different. I had a terrible migraine that lasted 2 days straight. It was so bad that my vision was blurry and I barfed out whatever I ate. Totally terrible!

Will be going for my antenatal check up tomorrow. I have all my questions listed down (there’s only one in the list for now, gotta add on!) for my doctor’s perusal.

And I can’t believe I’ll be 15 weeks this Thursday!!! 25 more weeks to go baby, you can hang on me till the very end. Mommy’s here, alright?

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