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24 weeks to go


Thanks be to Allah, we’re 16 weeks now. And I noticed something; my cravings have increased but the giddiness does not fade away. Still having them which can be terrifying at times because it made me see double and vomit badly.

Another thing that has changed is that my morning sickness really is a morning sickness. That means I only have them in the morning. I’ll vomit as much as I have to before taking a shower. Once I stepped out of the house, to go to work, not a single bout of vomiting took place. Alhamdulillah! Oops, only unless I have migraine.


Although pregnancy tracker may not give the correct information, I still enjoy reading them and check how far along we are. As stated here, my edd will be on the 27th Dec. The gynae told me 31st Dec. Which is right?? Lol!

I hope I can hold baby a few hours longer more and pop it out exactly at 12 midnight of 1st Jan. Now that’s a date!

If I were to really do a cervical cerclage, I have a strong feeling that this date and time is possible! What’s a cervical cerclage, you ask? That will be in my next post.

Make my wish come true, baby! No, not the cerclage thing!!! Making you a New Year’s baby, that’s what I meant.


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