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(like) baby baby baby ooh

I have to sweep off the cobwebs that are growing immensely in my brain to dig out a month’s worth of entry. Blame it on the 2 year Leadership course that I just got myself into recently, that takes 3 nights in a week off of me. I am literally, technically, physically, mentally shag.


Baby No. 1

We brought her to the hospital for an occupational therapy session last month and found new ways of getting her to utilise her right arm. She was cooperative initially; obligingly followed the instructions given by the therapist. However, that cooperativeness was short-lived and she began her Energizer bunny mode.

As we have mentioned before that her therapy also included a 10 minutes session of using the electrode, which she disliked to the core! We had to think of ways to get her to comply and just get it done. In the end, getting her to count 1 – 10 was the best solution. And for that, she got to play…



Baby No. 2

Just a week ago, we welcomed baby Nur Laaiqah into this cruel beautiful world. Being the busiest woman in my family of soon-to-be 4 people, I didn’t have the time (and energy) to visit her at the hospital. So I waited till the weekend, after baby and mom were home. Fateha was also as excited as I was to meet her little second cousin.


Fateha showed great skills at being the eldest great grandchild of Latiff’s family, helping her aunt get the diapers and wet napkins and shutting the drawers and even cooing the baby. Boy, I tell you, I have no idea where and who she learned that from.


I guess I was the one who got her started talking to her unseen little sibling. Every night as I tucked her in and kissed her good night, she’d do the same to Lil Bub and kissed my bump. At times, she would also question her little bro (or sis).

her: hello baby! What are you doing, huh?
bub: —
her: don’t kick ibu, okay? You want to sleep, baby?
bub: —
her: i love you baby! (kiss tummy)
bub: *kick kick*

And speaking of my Lil Bub…

Baby No. 3

We are in our 19th week now!


Last week was our monthly check up and the gynae did an ultrasound scan to check the heartbeat. Lil Bub was so active! I think it was because of the Olympics. Anyway, I was just about to ask if she could see who exactly Bub was, when the gynae said detailed scan would be scheduled at 22 weeks where i could find out the gender.

*subject dropped*

In 3 weeks, I shall know.


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