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Helpful helper

It struck my mind that I have not gotten any of Fateha’s baby clothings cleared up yet. And the day and time is so perfect for cleaning up aka National Day holiday aka super long weekend.
I am appalled at what I have found while digging up some bags. My favourite onesies for Fateha are stained beyond recognition. It is very hard to say goodbyes to these two so I fold them neatly and set them aside.

The big sister-to-be shows great cooperation in helping out and she cannot believe just how many baby clothings she has had. Her task for today? Throwing out the horribly stained hand-me-downs from friends and relatives.
Her: this one?
Me: throw!
Her: this one?
Me: throw!

Not all have to be garbaged, I am still keeping those that I find cute, wearable, perfect for a boy or a girl. Lol! I cannot help it but to pack ’em according to gender.
Of all the ziplocked clothings, only a handful can be saved for a boy and the rest are for girl. So now we shall see which bag will be utilised.


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