Posted in Faizah, Pregnancy Matters

“a cervical cer…what?!?”

it is going to be quite gruesome for anyone who is faint hearted but what i am trying to get across to everyone is “cervical cerclage”. something that i might be going through, if my cervix is found to be incompetent.

i am praying (and i hope you do, too) that i will not need to go through this procedure. it’s just scaraay…and crazaay! got the gynae to explain, she said every patient’s experience is different. some will feel pain after the surgery, right till labour. and some may not.

so i am not sure, if i should be doing this, will i be the lucky one who won’t feel any pain?


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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