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Fifty shades of brown

A month came and gone just like that. There goes Ramadhan, slipped away from our hearts. Honestly, with this pregnancy, I couldn’t fast as much as others. 2 weeks of fasting was good enough for me.

So Hari Raya came last Sunday and, like what my paternal family had already planned for this year’s colour and theme, we were all clad in…


…brown in all shades and tones!!!

That is one thing that I love about my paternal side. All for one and one for all! It has been a tradition, seeking forgiveness with everyone and it has also been a tradition for this pair of eyes to wet itself as though a bag of sand landed in.



We did not do much for our house this year. Just a simple paint job, of my favourite earthly tones; green and brown. I only added new curtains to our collection, and they matched our sofa. How nice!


But there is one thing that I have to admit. Hari Raya this year was not as fun as previous years. If you ask me, I don’t have the slightest clue. Even on the first day, I didn’t feel much vibe. Maybe because I was having back pains and all those pregnancy related excuses.

However, on a much happier note, I will not dwell and rant so much about how bored I felt. Today, I was elated when the sonographer softly spoke to me that my little astronaut…


…turned out to be a girl!!!

Yes, I AM happy and we all are. Though I was somehow thinking that I would be having a boy, after studying my family’s gender statistics. I remembered my brother telling me to break the cycle of having only one girl in my family. Cos that’s exactly the number of girls my family has. From my own immediate one, to my extended and all my uncles and aunties. Everyone seems to have only a girl and the rest are boys.

So Baby NF has really break the cycle.


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