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what maternity clothes?

fashion wise, i am not that into it and definitely not an expert in it. i will buy what catches my fancy (and money), not bothering much if it is out of fashion or never in fashion at all. jimmy choo? prada? coach? huh? no, i DO NOT own any. yes. really. mine; clothes, shoes, bags are all from the cheap stores. i will get those in pasar malams or those mobile carts at the bus interchange. the ones with “$10” tags. yes.

and since i am currently pregnant, 25 weeks to be precised, people around me are questioning why am i not wearing any maternity clothes. my answers are simple and reasonable.

1) my non-pregnancy clothes are mostly loose and baggy, so i CAN still fit into them.
2) i do have fitting clothes; which i avoid now since my bump is now fairly large. but i do not miss wearing them because i do not have that many.
3) i CAN still fit into my size 28 jeans. YESSS! (now don’t get jealous, let me explain…) i can still wear them BUT not able to zip up or button up. and i do not wanna waste my moolah by buying maternity wear when i cannot confirm-chop-guarantee that i will get pregnant again after this one. so i got me these…

which i am sure, many expecting moms have too. these save my life (and money!).

and i wear jeans to work, too, which actually is not allowed. but hey, they’re comfortable to be worn especially when you’re a preschool teacher. you know, we need to sit on the floor, walk up and down the school, run with the kids…a skirt will not do justice! office wear? fegeddit! and with my baby bump (and the belly belt), my jeans are my best friends.

so i get stares and comments and questions from my more mature colleagues, who are very experienced mothers themselves, when they see me wearing jeans.

why are you still wearing jeans?!? you don’t feel pain, do you? they’re too tight, you’ll hurt baby!!

i have to lift my top up to reveal the belt. and then i will get “oooohhhh…..”

since i can still wear mine, there is no way this can happen to me.

or maybe…i should not speak too soon?


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