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(the) Kuala (of the) Lumpur

(this is a long overdue entry.)

it was Fateha’s first time in KL.

while on the road, we were not exactly plagued by her never-ending “are we there yet?” question but rather “ayah, i want to take mrt!” we turned on some hari raya songs, which she liked a lot, to keep her entertained. and in between her naps, i was napping too. the long ride was not meant for a pregnant woman. four words. tiring for me bottoms!

the first day at the hotel, ayah rushed us to the pool…

i didn’t join them of course. i was relaxing by the pool with a good book in hand, #fiftyshadesofgrey

we brought Fateha to Aquaria (equivalent to singapore’s underwater world)…

not by car but a ride in their LRT, which Fateha LOVED the most. her obsession with trains (mini or full length) could make an eruption in my blood vessels.

she didn’t really show much enthusiasm, though, but was willing to listen to my explanation of the creatures we saw. and she reciprocated my explanation with many many questions. i realised that she never did once ask me or the husband, a “why?” question. it was always a full length one (which she could repeat umpteen times) and when she was satisfied, she would end with an “ooohh”.

a starbucks junkie she’s turning out to be…

our virgin visit was in the bird park, which was not that interesting and thought we could have gone somewhere else.

the cutest nocturnal pair, they would make.

we had dinner at a sushi place in Berjaya Times Square because i was always craving for them. Fateha enjoyed, not eating, but playing with the conveyer belt. i assumed that her aspiration was to be an electrician. my dear, be an engineer and earn good money. now go and play with the trains!!!

she’s growing some wicked biceps!

on our last day in KL…

Fateha left a note for whoever that was going to clean up after we left. well, if that person could even read her scribbling but i was pretty sure she wrote…

“buhbye KL! see you again next time, when you get your train stations, parks, escalators, shopping centres more wheelchair-pram friendly.

love, Fateha.”


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