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(breathe in…breathe out)

Wow! Is it really? Can I slap my face? According to history, I didn’t make it to this stage, if you can remember Fateha’s extremely early birth almost 5 years ago. What?!? Of course I’m happy. Elated. Delighted. Excited.

But at the same time, I am still a little worried, although we are about 11 weeks away to birth! I have been scheduled for a follow-up routine checks every two weeks since the baby turned 26 weeks. The OB-GYNs are also extra careful and concern when it comes to the safety of baby. Not only that, I have been receiving progesterone jabs every week. In layman’s term; hormone injection.

4 jabs down and 6 more to go. They say I have to do this till we reach full-term. I am quite happy, QUITE, with the urgency that they are showing. Hopefully, we can get to where Fateha would have been.

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