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to get or not?

while i do not have to scout around for baby clothings, because baby can wear those of Fateha’s that are still wearable, there are other things that i have to get. but i am not sure if we have enough or for the fact that both of us like to think what other people do or buy for their babies may not necessarily be what we should get as well.

1) baby cot. which i think many parents will have for their babies, especially the first one. so that when they have extended their family to having 2 or more kids, the baby cot can be reused. for our case, we didn’t get one for Fateha. she didn’t share our bed either. we just put her on a mattress (yea, pathetic, i know) in our room. hubby’s uncle once offered to get us a cot but before i could nod my head and rub my palms in gleeful happiness, hubby said “don’t need one”. i went dead.

somebody, get me this!!!

2) changing table. another thing that we didn’t get for Fateha. at that time, my aunt gave us a super single bed that was once her daughter’s and we put it in Fateha’s room. so all the changing was done there, on that bed. but this time, my mom got us a changing table. finally! a baby furniture in our home. it is still at my mom’s cos we thought we should only bring it back home with us when the date is nearer.

yea, this the one. from IKEA.

3) breast pump and milk bottles. we still have the ones Fateha used. still pretty clean, only a little yellowish. come on, the bottles are as old as Fateha now. how can they still look new?

i am thinking of getting a new one this time because, these things they get worn and torn. and ours have been kept in the dark for 4 years now, i am not sure if they are still good. what if they have gone evil and eat up my boobs? anyway, i have been hearing some say medela’s good.

and there are some who also say tommee tippee is good.

with about 8 more weeks to go, i am not sure if we are actually running late or there is still enough time to get some things ready. nobody can blame me because this is the first time i am anticipating a full term birth, so i am very clueless. well, if only there are some kind souls who do not mind passing us down whatever that have and not using anymore. because, we DO NOT mind.



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2 thoughts on “to get or not?

  1. where did you see that cot at!?? It looks like a space ship! So neat!! Look up “baby moses” on restoration hardware’s site! I REALLY want it! Even though we never had one with the first…it’s just so stinkin’ cute!

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