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puzzled by puzzles

on our recent trip to johor bahru, for our fortnightly market-ing, the highly-obsessed-with-everything-thomas-the-tank-engine little girl saw a puzzle set of the said cartoon. daddy let her choose and she happily picked one of Thomas with Sir Topham Hat, or famously known as The Fat Controller.

it wasn’t her first puzzle set. i made laminated puzzles for her as well as bought some of those educational ones. most of them were way too simple and yea…she got bored. we let her try puzzles we installed in the iPad, which she loved a lot. completed most of them by herself. but i seriously think it was not the puzzles that made her excited and enthusiastic. it was the fact that she was using the iPad.

and being someone who is very much against young children spending too much time and getting addicted with the gadgets of these era, i try ways and means to discourage her. so today upon reaching home, i reminded her of the Thomas puzzle that daddy bought for her (before she started asking for the i-goddamn-Pad).

much to my approval and contentment, she began to fix the pieces together diligently. oh was i so glad to see that. anything a child of multiple disabilities (erb’s palsy, global developmental delay, hypertonia) able to achieve is worthy of a celebration. i was a little cruel though by asking her to try again (and again and again) after her completion. but she didn’t deny my request!

i truly enjoyed watching her manipulating each puzzle piece, and each time she matched the correct ones, she yelled “YAAAY!!!” without fail.

however, my joy was short-lived. she asked for the i-goddamn-Pad.


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