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Six to go

It has been a great 34 weeks. I cannot fathom and believe that we actually lasted this far, and still going strong. Definitely I would love to reach the last day of my pregnancy, or at least till I cannot carry the weight and that gravity pulls me right to the ground so hard that I keep stumbling.


A visit to the High-Risk Clinic yesterday proved to be the last that I would see the gynecologist. My heart leapt in joy when I was told that I did not need to see her in that clinic any longer. Why? I was at a stable pregnancy stage, 34 weeks, and that the hormone jabs proved to be helping my condition.

My darling cervix was looking good, baby’s movement was much stronger when the gynecologist was pressing and measuring my bump, and my yeast infection was gone. Phew! She was also glad that everything seemed to be going well. Yea, baby, yea!

My next follow-up will be seen by a regular-on-duty ob-gyn. But she told me that I could give birth at any time now, which I refused of course. Enough of giving birth early, please! Hahah. Although I know that it is quite safe now.

But since there was not any ultrasound scanning done yesterday, I wonder if she has turned into a head-down position.


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