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I am glad that I finally will be getting a helper to…well, help me out. With housework and children’s care. There are loads of factors that lead us to make this crucial decision. We have never intended to get one but things have gone a little out of hand and definitely not the way we had hope it turned out to be. So employing one is the best solution, for the time being. We’ll give it two years and see how it goes. Yea.

Anyway, it’s the school holiday and I am SUPER glad that I am pregnant and will be giving birth any time now. Cos that just mean my holiday will be extended for another 4 months! Whooppeeeeee!!! Next time if I plan (IF!) to get pregnant again, it will be in the same period as this one. Cos I badly need to rest. Yes!

And speaking of rest, since I am on a break, I decided to do something to the house. Not much different but it is definitely not the same. Hahah! Just the other day, it struck my mind that I will be popping any time already. Questions ran through my mind…like, “what if baby gets jaundice?” “how will i help to reduce her bilirubin level?”

I looked for a place where I could bathe baby in the early morning sunlight. And I found our balcony to be the best place. Well the only place where we could get direct sunlight. I just have to place baby there for a tanning session. Teeheehee. And maybe I could get back into my yoga routine that I left years ago. So while baby gets her tan, I can get myself toned again. Yay!
20121213-111821.jpg 20121213-111833.jpg
So with whatever strength that I have, I pushed the big armchair right to the wall, freeing the space at the balcony. It used to be a “dumpsite” for Fateha’s toys and with that armchair blocking the view of the huge mess, no one really knew there were toys lying around. Lol. We just dumped her toys there and they got neglected, dusty and some even became wonky! Now that it got re-opened, Fateha began to realise what many different kinds of toys she used to have.

She took out whatever toys that she didn’t knew she had from inside that Pikachu tent. Before she could bring some to play on the coffee table, I unleashed the monster in me and laid out the new playing rules. She obliged and sat on the floor, right in front of the tent, to play.

The thing is, she likes to put a lot of her stuff on the coffee table and leaving no space for our mugs of, well, coffee or bowls of fruits and snacks. I hated the sight of our messy table. Now that I have freed the space at the balcony, our coffee table is in a spick and span condition. *prance around*

Now another question, will I be able to maintain it to be this neat?


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