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screen, test…treat!

Just when I thought this pregnancy has been the best so far, without much health issues and I am technically left with 12 days to birth….BAM! the doctor tells me something that keeps me on the edge of my seat.

I got yeast infection since 2nd trimester (and probably still having it) and it got treated with vaginal insertions since then until 34 weeks. I was surprised that it did not get totally heal, although it got lesser.

And last week, during my 37 weeks routine check, I was given the GBS screen and test. That’s Group B Streptococcus. My nurse cousin told me about this before that I HAVE to get it done. It was just like having a pap smear. Luckily the doctor did it for me without having to tell him. He’s the doctor, he should know. Yea?

Anyway, I came back today at 38 weeks and the first thing I did upon being called inside, was to ask him about the result of the test. He laughed at my anxiety and continued to talk about things other than the result. Ok, I played along, chatted about previous pregnancy with Fateha. Blah blah blah and lotsa blah!

He nonchalantly chatted and typed my particulars into the system, still laughing about my anxiety. Why was he so cool about this? I was frustrated because the last thing I wanna hear was being tested positive for this. And truly enough, he checked, it was positive. Good thing was that he did not continue his annoying laughter.

He got a little more serious this time. While pasting this sticker into my case file and appointment card…
he shared with me what could the consequences be. I was devastated, although the percentage of baby might be infected was low. One blow after another, huh? How unlucky I have been in both of my pregnancies. *sobs*

I was lead into some info that I will be given penicillin or ampicillin antibiotics during my labour and delivery. That is to prevent the bacteria from getting to baby while passing through my birth canal. He said that a very very low percentage of babies get infected by it and if they do, they will have birth defects, loss of vision or hearing, sepsis or meningitis.

Although he comforted me by saying that in my case it should not be much of a problem cos I have been treating my infection and the detection was early, I am still worried like shit!!!

Can I cry already?????


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