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Stick to it, I can’t…

So it is the new year already. Time just swooshed by you so fast, didn’t it?

Many things happened in 2012. Good things, bad things. There are also some events that are not worth remembering or even mentioned.

But the highlight of 2012 for me was the birth of Fateena 12 days ago. Good thing about it is that I am able to fully breastfeed her. Yes!!! Though it is a little sore but the satisfaction I get from each feed is out of this world. No word can describe it.    


While everyone enjoys making resolution for every new year, I don’t. I may think of something but I don’t really keep it. I am not very serious about it at all hahah.

And because I can’t stick to any of it, my new year’s resolution is not to ever ever make a resolution.

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