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Two weeks on…














She turns 14 days today. And I am seeing some changes in her. I could be wrong, I dunno. But what I do know is, she definitely does not look anything like my husband. Heheee.

She looks more like me when I was around her age. I have that old photo of the baby me chucked somewhere I cannot find. No. I must ransack some parts of the house to look for it. I Must.

Anyway, I was jumping up and down so so happy when I changed her diaper this morning. Her clipped cord had finally come off of her. Weeheeeeeee.

Yea it takes 2 weeks and according to some old folks, if it takes so long it could mean one thing. Naughty naughty baby.

It’s not that I want to believe it but hey…old folks ate more salt than us. They must know something, right?

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