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Going Bananas


High in potassium.

Well actually I am hopeless when it comes to what vitamins or minerals that can be found in food. I just know how to eat them. So do not ask me what’s good about them.

But I do know that some people say bananas are good for…you know…if you have constipation. And Fateha has not been to the loo to do No. 2 for days now. The last one that I can recall was somewhere last week.


So we are going bananas. Hope she’ll have loo trips now.

(or is it papayas that help?)

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a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “Going Bananas

  1. Apple juice! The good kind from “simply apple” if they sell it in your area! It’s DELICIOUS and it gets things moving! Beware, there will be gas though lol. It’s so yummy, I’m making myself crave it now!

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