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The Three Ps

Every pregnancy is different and my recent one was quite an opposite of my first. I discovered several Three Ps, Post Pregnancy Problems, I faced this time around.

Three Ps No. 1
Itchy skin. I developed nasty rash and scratching till i bleed my skin turned raw, was my favourite past time. 3 days after the birth I was like a mad horse, couldn’t keep still cos it was so damn itchy. Luckily, my face remained a safe zone.

Three Ps No. 2
Our bodies went through lots of wear and tear during pregnancy and labour. I found myself leaking before I could even reach the loo. Damn! And it wasn’t just trickling. It gushed out like the waterbag when it burst. It is high time that I should engage Kegel.

Yes Kegel is easy and requires no money, no heavy equipment but just the pelvic muscles. But if you are a pure lazy bum, it can be a pretty tough thing to do.

Three Ps No. 3
During one of my post natal massage sessions, I was told that my cervix was still swollen. I should be eating the herbal meds to get them healed but I didn’t. I was just scared that it might affect my milk, although I was told it wouldn’t. The skeptic side of me.

Three Ps No. 4
I do not have any stretch marks. Not even a tiny wee bit of it. Really. No, not having them is not a problem. I have something else that bothers me. The dark line that runs in the center of my pregnant belly still remains in its unglamourous state of ugliness. It looked cute on my bump but now it becomes an eye sore. Hubby didn’t mind though but not me. Oh no no no!

Three Ps No. 5
There is no number 5. I can’t find anymore that can be very disturbing.

Breastfeeding is going on like a breeze; I believe I am doing good. No sore or cracked nipples, no mastitis…even engorgement seems comfortable to me. I am planning to at least last for 6 months, if possible a year. Or two.

Imagining the amount of money I can save from buying baby formula, gives me goose bumps. Oh you should know, life in Singapore now is crazily expensive. I cannot afford to waste when I can save.

So long live my breasts!

I mean breastmilk!!!

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