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quite flaky

cradle cap (we malays call it taik sawan) can drive me up to the wall.

Fateena’s scalp has patches of cradle cap, however they do not bother me much. what bothers me is that i will scrape them off of her with full enthusiasm. my fingers will get into action every time i cradle her for breastfeeds.


it is very harmless to babies; since the flakes just stick to the scalp doing pretty much nothing. a simple remedy to treat it is just to wash her head with shampoo so that those flakes will be moist enough to be brushed off. yes, brushed. very much the opposite of what i am doing. i scrape them dry. i know i am evil.

googled for some treatments and i found that there are some kind of lotion, shampoo and even oil to rid them. *sigh* i can’t be spending anymore. i have been online-shopping for the past month and if i get any of this, just to treat the flakes, hubby will jump on me.

(well, he hasn’t been jumping on me for the past 10 months *warding off evil spirits*)

i guess i will just have to use the baby lotion that we already have.

results will soon be announced!


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