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i think only a few people knew about when exactly did my helper arrive. get this, it was 1 and a half days before i gave birth to Fateena. yes! isn’t that pathetic? and that is not all.

i gotta admit that she works pretty fast. every dawn, she wakes up (before i did) and cleans the house till it is spick and span. i can, literally, lick my floors. it is THAT clean. i have not seen my reflection on the floor ever so clearly. and i am quite thankful for that. hahah.

HOWEVER…(yes, the dreadful parts are coming)

let me just ramble about things that have never happened before the arrival of Le Maid.

i know that i am NEVER a good cook, though i can. but sometimes, the simplest cooking procedure/technique can be the hardest for one to execute. not me but the helper. taught her many times (even during my confinement period. can you imagine me teaching her this and that, while holding my breath to bear the painful swell of my cervix as i walk?) on how i do things in the kitchen. instead of lessening my pain, she adds on to it.

taught her how to prepare the common dishes that were served in this house. cleaning, washing, cutting and slicing of vegetables, chicken, meat and fish were okay. i didn’t teach her how to cook the rice because she should know. coming from a country that basically having rice as their staple food, i didn’t see why i should explain. and good enough, she knows. cooked the way i always did.

but when it comes to noodles, she didn’t learn it well enough. maybe she wasn’t listening when i was explaining. my husband spoke to her about listening to me. hahah. yes, i AM the boss. she boiled the yellow noodles till they were all too soggy, that even a grandma could eat them without her dentures on. YES! we had to just eat… no choice.

she didn’t break some kitchen tools on purpose. well, i couldn’t really blame her. i haven’t got them replaced for a few years. but what made me vehement was that she never tell me anything; be it she broke something by accident or the tools decided to commit mass suicide while she was using them. till i discovered them myself. HeLLooOOoo!!!

(there are a couple of other things she broke as well. i don’t want to mention them)

she loves the girls. i can see that. she plays with them, especially with Fateha. helping her to walk, pushing Fateha on her tricycle and even get her to do some penmanship activity. but while doing so, she is often very noisy. probably because she has quite a loud voice. heh, i thought i have the loudest voice here. she can sit right in front of us, playing with Fateena, while are watching the news. i tell you, she has the most weirdest, repetitive hums. she can repeat a word for 10 times! and best of all, still in front of us, she hums them LOUDLY.

hubby and i would just look at each other and roll our eyes. i mean, how am i to tell her? “bibik, you’re being too loud! i can’t hear the news! it’s a matter of life and death for Singaporeans!!” sometimes, her voice can cause irritation to my ear drums.

i don’t mean to be mean. wait!! i am never mean to her, i swear. i try to be as human as i can and not treating her like thrash. i allow her to have dinner at the table but she declines and eat in the kitchen; seated on the floor. i allow her to sleep as early as Fateha does. i know some employers only allows their maid to sleep so much later or until all the housework is done. but i am nicer. only that sometimes, i just give her the glare or nag a little. no, i don’t scream at her.

oh before i end this, there is something else that makes my skin crawl. she calls my parents and parents in-law “mama” and “papa”. i hate that! these are the parents of the employer (technically, they are employers too, no?). i don’t call my employer’s parents mama or papa. i should have straighten this out to her but, lo and behold, my parents said nothing. they seem to be okay with that. but not me! urrgghhhh….

an image of myself scratching my head till it bleeds flashes right in front of my eyes.


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