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the tale of two sisters

disclaimer: i have no intentions of comparing them, even if it sounds like i am. i have every right to talk about these two girls, whom i had painstakingly evicted out of their most comfortable home aka my womb.

almost 5 years apart, of age gap. we did it intentionally because of Fateha’s delayed developments. but now having them at home has been the most amazing gifts God ever gave me. will i do it for the third time? hell ya! well, we’ll see how things go with these two.

being sisters, it does not mean that they have to share the same interests, behaviours, tantrums, likes and dislikes and whathaveyous. there are a few distinct features about them that make them SO different. (even twins aren’t all the same)

both were born at different gestation period. firstborn at 26 weeks and the other at 38 weeks. although Fateha was out very early, i didn’t remember having excruciating pain like i did with Fateena. probably because she was tiny and came out legs first. whereas the labour with Fateena was terrible. 8 hours of constant pain, to hold her inside for 4 hours more due to GBS infection. i could only think of the worst. but with both, no administration of epidural. was i being brave? no, i was being silly.

i have experienced two totally different night scenarios. Fateha slept through the night during infancy. not waking up for feeds at all. i couldn’t even be bothered to change her diapers. terrible mom, that was me. it could be because of the 4 months she spent in NICU and was given tubal feed. she was never had the opportunity to cry out and scream from the top of her lungs for milk. and i only managed to express my breast milk for about 2 months or so for her. she had never feed directly. poor girl! but bonded we did. till now, she is like my shadow. preferring only me to tuck her in bed, to bring her to the loo, to help her brush her teeth and the list goes on.

it’s a no-way-i’m-letting-them-sleep-peacefully with Fateena. boy, can she cry. totally the opposite of her big sis. waking up every hour for milk and not going back to sleep, in some days. sleep deprivation at its best. we tossed and turned in bed because of this little one. and unlike Fateha, she has been feeding directly off me since day one. Praise be to Allah, the milk flows pretty well. the only thing that worries me is her refusal to feed through bottles. she would cry till she got choke if we tried giving the bottle. in about less than 2 months, i will be back at work. on whose teats is she gonna feed from? she’d better be getting used to it, or else…i have to skip work for a year. i got to submit leave application to a department called The Husband for approval.

even though how different they might be, they both picked very beautiful dates to be born. Fateha was born in january and it was also the new year’s day in islamic calendar; 1 Muharram. meanwhile her little sister chose 20.12.2012. my aunt told me Fateena was just following our footsteps. we chose 20.07.2007 to be husband and wife. that’s nice, if she really did follow us. i don’t mind her copying our actions in decisions, just make sure it’s good.

all i can do is hope and pray that they will be the best for each other, minus the hair pulling and hurling toys at one another. may their tale together be written well.


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