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love the spread so spread the love

my aunt made the tastiest garlic spread ever. tried it during our family gathering at aloha resorts and my palate refused other barbecued food that were prepared.


there were chicken wings, beef and chicken satay, prawns, hot dogs, stingrays and slices of french loaves. all barbecued. once i took a bite on a slice of french loaf with the garlic spread, i fell deeply in love! managed to cajole my aunt into unleashing her secret recipe in making the spread. i was glad that she shared.


made a batch (as above) a few days ago but i left it chilled in the fridge. read somewhere that the longer it got chilled, the tastier it would be. and prior to making it, i wrote a list of the items needed before scooting off to johor bahru for our fortnightly marketing.

– garlic
– butter
– italian herbs

so the above spread was made with love. hahah. about 6 tablespoons of softened butter (approximately, i didn’t really measure), 1 clove of garlic, some dashes of italian herbs, a pinch of salt and 2 teaspoons of sugar. yea, i liked it sweet. i smashed the garlic and chopped them into tiny bits before adding them to the butter. and then finally, in went all the other ingredients.


i love the smell of the italian herbs and i guess it made the spread smell wonderfully delicious. well of course, the smell of the garlic was stronger.


just to make it my style, i added half slice of cheese on top of the spread and baked them in the oven toaster for 3 minutes only. the husband had asked for them twice and i was so happy! it only meant that my garlic spread was nice, if not delicious.


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