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lactation abduction

much to my horror, something that i foresee before I got back into the working life, my milk supply has gone down. yes, you guys, it is not that much now. i have been pumping, eating good food, together with some supplements. you know…

mothersmilktea Natures-Way-Fenugreek-Seed-180-capsules

mother’s milk lactation tea, fenugreek, anmum lacta…just to name a few.

it could be the fact that i am being warped with an ultra busy schedule. i only have 2 free periods (which are utilised with paper work); once in the morning and once in the afternoon, right after lunch. during the morning period, i try to finish up whatever work i have for the day and the afternoon one, i will pump diligently with the hopes that i get at least an ounce more. so on a no-night-class days (tuesdays & thursdays), i pump only once since i can be home early and breastfeed directly. on every other day, i doubled the pumping routine. while my lecturer talks, i pump. well…not the whole 3 hours, of course! weekends are exclusively for breastfeeding.

life is hard, for working moms. especially the nursing ones. no need to mention my envy towards stay-at-home moms; it’s over the top. but i also envy moms who have a desk bound job. while they are busy typing or answering the phone calls, they can pump. now, how can i do that at work? i’m a preschool teacher, remember? haha, no no! no pumping in front of the kids. not that i do not want, it will affect the quality of my teaching and care.

😦 but it definitely affects the quality of my nursing and caring for my baby. and this is another factor that leads to our reduction. ASSIGNMENTS! pretty stressful for me and it’s NOT GOOD!!!


i search for many tips and helps from many sources and most of them say to pump consistently. and recently, someone told me to get these…

Shaklee_ESP_l alfalfa

i was told that many other nursing moms who take this see a great increased in their supply. and i am definitely thinking of getting them. i will do anything to get my liquid gold back before it gets totally “abducted” for good.

p/s: anymore helps and tips from you? i sure need them. thanks.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

2 thoughts on “lactation abduction

  1. I just wanted to let you know I can totally relate! I am a nursing mom and a full time manager at a restaurant… when it comes down to us having a rush, people NEED me, I can’t just disappear to the office at the drop of a hat…. it ALL comes down to business. I’m lucky in that I get to pump once a day at work and get most of what I need in that session. I can’t really offer advice, as it seems like you are doing everything as best as you can, but wanted to let you know I totally get it!
    I nearly lost my supply when I started birth control (the mini pill). I had to get off of it. What helped me get it back was nursing every 2 hours like clock work when I was home, sneaking in a nursing session at night, and taking 3 fenugreek tablets a day on top of mother’s milk tea. I was exhausted forcing myself to wake up that extra time and nursing around the clock when I was home, but I saw awesome results almost right away…. just in case you haven’t tried that yet. Hang in there!

    1. hey there! it seems like we are in the same boat, huh? I do nurse at night, on demand usually. she’d wake for about 2-3 times for feeding. yea, I am trying the best that I can to get it going. I mean, why would we want to give up something so perfect for our baby, right?
      I have been taking fenugreek and mother’s milk tea since 2 weeks after birth and I got abundance of supply. but one I was back to work, it dipped!
      anyway, thanks for the drop-by and sharing your experience. I appreciate it!

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