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unlaboured labour day

what does “a day well spent” mean?

in the afternoon, right after my husband went off to work,  us ladies had to stay home to do our stuff. fateha playing with the helper, fateena crying for my attention and my “twins”, and i sat in front of the laptop; trying to finish up my assignment. the problem was, each time i tried focusing on my work, my eyes just got heavier. every time!

and fateena was begging for me to carry and feed her. like a malay saying that went “dah mengantuk lagi disorongkan bantal”, i saved whatever that i had typed (one sentence, that was it), switched off the laptop and nursed the town crier.

it was like Jeannie had nodded her little genie head and my eyes went shut, while my fateena was having a good lunch. 😀 i guess i was really sleepy (sleep deprivation, a mother’s crime). i remembered being rudely awaken by a sharp pain from a niplash. boy, she pulled hard! luckily our skin has some form of elasticity. otherwise, i’d be torn apart so viciously by an innocent little baby.

but even that didn’t help to make me stay awake. seeing fateena getting sleepy while still latching onto me, i gently pulled her off and placed her on her tummy on top of me. and yes, you guessed it, we both went to la la land together and woke up together, about 2 hours later.

the day went by in a pretty much slow pace, which i like. because i did nothing at all. yes!!! and by nothing i mean school work and assignment. most of the time i was only sitting, lying on the sofa (and nurse), watching tv and drinking my protein shake.

i would say it IS definitely a day well spent for me.


till the next long day at home.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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