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just another year added

every time we spoke of birthdays, Fateha would always ask if it was hers as well. I told her that it was mine, she shook her head and kept saying it was not. she insisted it was her birthday. so I had to explain that hers was over and it was in January, after Fateena was born (like she even understood), and mine was today which was 4 months after hers. she stared blankly at me.

anyways, I turned 32 already, almost 24 hours ago, Singapore time. this year’s turning of age felt weird because firstly I got 2 presents from husband, of which one was received in February and the other was last week. secondly, due to his shift work, he chose to treat me to dinner 2 weeks ago.

and yesterday,


though it wasn’t really for my birthday, my mother in-law treated us to lunch at 1 Market buffet restaurant by Chef Wan. I was glad that the lunch was brought forward to yesterday, eve of my birthday, because it was initially planned in march and then changed to end of this month before they confirmed for yesterday’s. somehow it felt special.


located at plaza singapura (PS), a place where husband and I used to frequent during our courtship days. and yesterday, we were brought back to this place for the first time after 6 years. yea, that was how long I had not been to PS. because we had other important things to care for aka family.

the food, I must say, was anything but special. I thought they tasted good but just the same as every buffet restaurants I had been too. however, I love the waffles! and I love the fact that we got to meet the owner aka Chef Wan.

I gotta frame this picture and hang it on the living room wall.

a man whose speech was as fast as a bullet train, a number of times when I “catch no ball” of what he was saying. his entrance to the restaurant was very low key. no one actually realised that he was already inside. it was husband who noticed the funny, laser-mouth chef. I counted myself lucky to get to meet him without having so many people crowding around us. you can see from the picture that everyone was just busy with the food on their plates.

I know you might be wondering why Fateha wasn’t in the picture. she was at the table, eating and entertained by her grandfather; my father in-law.  but we managed to get a whole family picture again with Chef Wan before the restaurant closed for cleaning up and dinner spread.

as for today (my actual birth date), husband and I spent the time together in JB.


thanks husband, for the early dinner treat. I realised that this year I got double of everything from you. 2 presents, 2 dinner treats and 2 kids. I wonder what you’re gonna give me next year.

another baby will be in my wish list. that’ll be a nice present for me.


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