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Going Places Pt 1 – Gardens By The Bay

School holiday has begun; 1 week to be exact. It only means one thing. Going places and feeling touristy. We decided to head up to Gardens By The Bay. Though it was Fateha’s second time there (first visit was with her school last year), it was our virgin entrance as a family to the world renounced building of the year (awarded in 2012)!


we opted the free visit; meaning we did not venture the OCBC Skyway at Supertree Grove, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. yea, you could call us sengkek, for all i care. out of the 7 attractions, only these three required tickets. we walked the open (free) gardens and lost many calories and kilos. whatever it is, we still enjoyed the trip.

IMG_2961 IMG_2969
World of Plants

IMG_2964 IMG_3005
Supertree Grove

IMG_2994 IMG_2996
boardwalk at Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes

Marina Bay Sands; view from the Dragonly Lake.


it was a great day for burning fats because the weather was super hot. YAY! i was sure i lost a bit. at least half a kilo. and it was a pleasure to bump into someone so important who was once an ambassador to the United Nations. Dr Tommy Koh.


we were at the entrance to Flower Dome, to take a rest under the shelter, when a little boy age of 2 walked up to Fateha’s tricycle and grabbed her Thomas the Tank Engine water bottle. i was smiling at this cute looking boy. wondering where were his parents when the honourable Dr Tommy Koh and wife (and other relatives) went up to the little boy and told him “no no no, darling. it’s jie jie’s water bottle.”

we were exchanging words for a good 5 minutes! at that instance, i couldn’t remember his name. although i wanted to shake hands with him and acknowledged his presence and how honoured i was. i was star strucked so i didn’t shake his hand, though i wanted so much to tell him that i KNEW who he was lol. so he told me that his grandson just turned 2 and was able to count 1 to 10 in Bahasa. great! well, i didn’t ask if it was Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Indonesia. so i concluded it myself that it MUST be the former. but anyway, in both languages all numbers (up to millions and billions and gazillions and infinity) were the same.

anyway, we parted after that and hubby decided that it was time to take our leave. it was nice to bump into Dr Tommy Koh. he was very humble.

i wonder if we will meet anymore important people for our next Going Places adventure!


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