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Going Places Pt 2 – Singapore Zoo

today’s zoo trip was without daddy’s presence. he had to work, boo hoo hoo. we proceeded, nonetheless, with the crazy bunch aka my paternal family.

Nur Hannah Safiyyah & Noor Fateena, all ready to rock the zoo!

waiting for the rest of the peeps

IMG_3024 IMG_3027
at the Frozen Tundra.

many upgradings had taken place in the zoo. the last time we came here in 2011, when it was only the three of us, this new look of the exhibit was not even born. well, it used to be just a cave-like exhibit with a glass where you could watch Inuka (the polar bear) taking a dip in the deep deep pool. there were seats for visitors, of course. this time around, the place got extended and looked much much bigger. with that little igloo towards the end. impressed much!

there had been another newborn in the orang utan family, i guess. see that little cutie patootie hangin’ on its momma? one look at it, my heart melted. both the orang-utan momma and i (and my cousins, too) were having babies in our arms. how familiar!


the animal show was a HUGE disappointment. there was not any exciting parts to it other than little critters roaming here and there. the only big animal that was called out to the stage was the orang-utan and then my little cousin volunteered to a challenge; peeling the coconut husk with bare hands.


well, my cousin lost to the ever powerful orang-utan. she, apparently, had the strength of three grown up men.

IMG_3043 IMG_3045 IMG_3044


Fateha wanted to feed the rhinoceros but when we got there, she backed out. all because she had to shove the fruits right into their wet, slimy mouths. even after telling here, “no teeth! no teeth!” she still refused. i got a chance to feed it a rock melon and it felt nothing. i mean i didn’t feel scared. lol. oh by the way, these beasts were the white rhinos. so what was the difference between them and the black rhinos?

white rhino: squared mouth. black rhino: hook-lipped.


and a 2 hour pit stop at Kidzworld, we had a splashing good time! mothers and children!

IMG_3079 IMG_3080
Jannah and Hannah

IMG_3084 IMG_3082
Noretta and Laaiqah

IMG_3087 IMG_3098

aquaphobic no more, she was the last one (amongst her other cousins) to get out. the littlest girl, Fateena, cried to her heart’s content just as soon as she got dipped. such a baby!

captions, please!!!

omg, that female baboon in the center really knew the ways to control her men. she sat very still, letting the two dudes picked her fleas and ticks. and only when she was satisfied that she allowed one of ’em baboon dudes to have a quickie with her. right in front of us with kids. tsk tsk!

we bought tickets to River Safari but unfortunately, we ran out of time. we were lucky that the management gave us an extension till 27th june. we are definitely gonna go!!!


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