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so fast!

oh man, i have been meaning to write but i just cannot find the time! where has it gone to? i have 2 more posts about our so called holiday aka Going Places and time is not on my side. (i am in my night class now, with the lecturer standing in front, talking. tsk tsk!)

and woaaahh the time flies by so fast. it’s already the third day of Ramadhan. and since i am breastfeeding (still, yes!!) it only means that i can fast the whole month – full, without having to pause for the red light and resuming my fast after…say…8 days. if Allah grants me this, i shall celebrate. i think most ladies will agree with me, that we’d rather fast a full month than to pause and “pay back” any time after Ramadhan.

anyway, i am thankful that i have a helper this time. it definitely cuts back the time i would have to spend running lotsa errands:
1) going to work 8 to 5; every weekday
2) going to night classes, 6.30-9.45; 3 days a week
3) staying up late to cook for our sahur (meal before dawn prayer)
4) rushing home to cook for iftar (breaking fast at dusk)

with my helper around, i do not need to do (3) and (4). and that makes me a happy momma! and not only that, i have decided to train Fateha to fast too. just half a day. she was excited waking up at 4am to have a meal with us. such a good girl.


hoping that she will get a hang of it and will be able to fast full day before she turns 7. slowly but surely!


p/s: i shall write my 2 Going Places posts soon. yes very soon.



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