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Like an Ecstasy of Gold

just like the title of this entry, the Metallica papas entered the stage playing Ecstasy of Gold. it was so awesome i could cry.

2 months ago, when i heard the news that the ‘Tallica boys were coming to town, i scurried my scrawny fingers on the laptop, purchasing a pair of early birds – section A tickets for myself and hubby. yea, i actually belanja him and instead of me, he was the one who got the “gold”. tsk, how could he? it should have been me! ok i rant about that later.

anyway, fast forward 2 months, we finally made it to watch Metallica. LIVE!!! ohemgee *fan myself*


closed to the front row, we were! i was so ecstatic! James Hetfield. Live in person!! *fan myself* there were some friends and my own peeps who were there too; my 2 younger brothers and sister in-law, and my uncle, yea, he’s a loyal fan and follower. we were all tracking his footsteps in becoming followers too.

anyway, since it was my very first free standing, crazy ass heavy metal concert, i definitely didn’t know what i was putting myself into. i mean, i have been to several other concerts but never heavy metal. die-die i wanted to be right in front so i could catch a full view of the great Metallica papas. hubby warned me a couple of times that the people were going to get wild when Metallica started and asked if i wanted to get out to a safer zone. wha-? i didn’t pay $XXX and got myself psyched up just to be at a safer zone, away from the stage. i refused.

“suit yourself. don’t say i didn’t warn you.” he said, grinning.

when the two opening acts, Sacrilege and Anvil, were playing,  the crowd was still tame. so i thought it wouldn’t get any worse than this, would it?


yea, that was my view, after a while, when more and more people started to move on up in front and taking my space, and blocking my sacred view. James would have been right in front there, clearly seen. tsk! no no, the ‘Tallica boys were not playing yet. Anvil was still performing and i got bored, kept looking at the watch. and yawning! lol.

the sky turned darker and Anvil ended their last piece, before making way for the great papas. it was getting crowded and more people were making they way in front. i wanted to elbow these people, come on! stay where you are, stop shoving and cutting queue (too bad, i didn’t leave my teacher traits at home). my brother and his wife tapped on our shoulder and told us that they’re going to the safer zone. the crowd where they were at were starting to mosh. seeing that my brother was leaving, hubby asked me to follow. i still refused. he kept quiet. there were a few times when he kept asking me. being a Taurus, i was still as stubborn. no way was i giving up my spot in front!


the moment we were all been waiting for! Metallica!!! finally emerging from the backstage, playing Ecstasy of Gold, the crowd went wild, cheering and headbanging. i couldn’t see James Hetfield that clear, so i had to stand on tippy toes. and then, when Master of Puppets came on, that was when i realised the sh*t that i got myself into. i was shoved, pushed, stepped on many times. hubby was there to catch me and he grabbed my shoulders, protecting me from further harm.

“i told you to get out, already.” he uttered, while pushing others away. i was still pretending that i could withstand all those crazy wildebeest by laughing at it. some guy came up to us and asked hubby if he wanted me out of the mosh. so i agreed to get out but not hubby. i mean, he wanted me to get away from the crazy mosh while he stayed behind and enjoyed getting trampled on.

so i was rescued to the back where it was much safer and watched the ‘Tallica boys from a distance. i forgave hubby for evicting me from the best spot so that he could enjoy without having to protect me. he had every intention to keep me safe from harm. i now understand it full well. :p

i thought getting pushed and shoved was the whole purpose of being in a heavy metal concert, yea? that’s the excitement of it. but whatever it is, i truly enjoyed myself. still got to headbang a little (do you count nodding as headbang???), tapping on my thighs, giving the \m/ \m/ sign and sang most of the songs to my heart’s content!

(photo courtesy of my youngest brother, who was right in front of the stage!)

their coming back to Singapore after 20 long years, it was more than words can say. thank you Metallica, thank you papas, thank you James, Kirk, Lars and Rob. thank you for making my Saturday night so crazy that i woke up this morning with a backache and sore muscle.

yours truly,

your One loyal fangirl.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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