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September already?

Yea, where has the time gone to? And before I know it, October is already creeping in. I guess this is what happens to a typical working mom, like me, who still attends classes at night. A lot of important stuff have been pushed to the backseat. And instead of clearing them first, here I am writing a blog post.  Whatever.

Anyway, it felt like it was only recently that I found out I was expecting number 2.
Camera 360 Camera 360

And then out she came…
20121220_162411 20121221_091825

And then she grew up, quite rapidly…
20130111_093608 20130212_115453
20130227_080258 20130615_121942

And then she learned to roll on tummy and crawling around…
20130614_124218 20130616_201156

And then she began to sit, after turning exactly 8 months last August. She just turned around at us and sat on her diapered bum. Look at her gaping mouth! Guess, she also couldn’t believe her achievement.
20130823_194612 20130823_193351

And right at this moment, as I am typing this, she is pulling herself up on the sofa (and occasionally, the tv console). Fateena is standing up, right before my eyes! She is growing way too fast. Slow down a bit, girl! Mommy still wants to bask in the bliss of watching your cute little face (and bum) and that toothless grin. Gaah, I guess that is, of course, impossible.

I just can’t wait for my classes to be over so that I can be at home right after work, with no other commitments tailgating me. Just so I can watch my kids grow. Looking at Fateena’s chubby cheeks, bare gums and fat arms and legs makes me addicted to kissing her. And don’t you say about my firstborn. She is also growing up way too fast.

Camera 360

What have I been missing???


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