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the freakiest of all

she had lots of fall over the years and lots of bumps, swells and cuts. most were in the region where i did not squirm at the sight of the bleeding flesh. i did not even squirm when cleaning up her dressings after her corrective arm surgery.

but nothing could be compared to what befell on her yesterday.

right after we reached home from our charcoal grilled lunch, the husband’s treat, Fateha was sent to the bathroom for her shower by our helper. what happened after that made my heart jumped out of its ribcage (literally). hearing a loud thud from her bedroom, i nearly clapped my hands (i know that was wrong). i knew that Fateha had a fall because, knowing her, she wouldn’t keep still while changing into her peejays.

but when i heard an unusual screaming in pain, i thought something must be wrong. and after hearing the helper screamed “blood! blood!” i rushed into her room and found the little girl sitting on the floor next to her bed. the helper was crying, too shock, i guess. that was the first time she witnessed Fateha all bloody. oh yes, she was.


we carried her out into the living room and that was when i saw blood, so thick and red, trickling down her face. but i still couldn’t make out where the wound was until i laid her on the sofa. i gave a visual check on her and realised that she had a cut on her eyelid. hubby came rushing out and took off his tee to put pressure on the wound. the helper was still crying.

he gave her a good 20 minutes to stop the blood.


cleaned her face with wet wipes and we got a bottle of sea cucumber oil (a traditional remedy for cuts and wounds) standby. once the wound was all cleaned and the bleeding stopped, we applied a small amount of the oil. and after all this mad rush, she told us she wanted to rest and sleep.

we did our own CSI with the helper and asked her what had happened. it was concluded that Fateha was very fidgety when she was changing and accidentally spun on feet and hit her eye on the corner of her bed. yes, the corner. no wonder the cut was really deep and bad.

a lot of people asked why we didn’t bring her to the doctor for a stitch? firstly, the eyelid is very thin, no way it will get stitched up. and we believe in the sea cucumber oil. it really does wonders and heals wounds super quick. don’t believe me?


see? today, the wound has closed up and is certainly drying. furthermore, she doesn’t complain of pain anymore. and we are lucky that her vision isn’t affected. although i did think of the worst yesterday.

so what’s next?


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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