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it’s good, all good

in less than a month, my little baby will be turning a year old.

20131124_230927 20131124_230829

her development has been progressive so far although, i must say, she is taking her own time to grow her teeth. i have been waiting to see some pearly whites to pop out but nope. her first tooth is still not showing any signs of eruption. her gums are still bare but i gotta admit that they are quite hard already. she bites while nursing but lucky me she is still with bare gums. or else, there would be a crime scene.

and yes, we are still nursing. YAY! we are so close to reaching my goal and i am so excited! i am not ambitious enough to setting a goal of nursing for two years. one year is already good enough. and i will let nature take its own course, yea?

talking about nature. these days, i simply cannot be bothered to religiously pump every 2 -3 hours. i am still producing which i think at an amount that is adequate enough for Fateena. i used to get 240ml in one session, which of course i divided into two feeds. then the volume gets lesser. on good days i can get 160ml – 180ml. on lousy days (that is, days when i am too exhausted, too busy with assignments etc), i will pump out 100ml. yea, that amount is good enough.

i know i get envious looking at pictures of full-to-the-brim freezer with breast milk but when i think about it, i got no space in my freezer for that kind of crazy milk production (though i wanted to get like that)!! some moms would go to the extent of getting another freezer to store their milk. looking at my tiny kitchen, i cannot find a suitable corner for another freezer. so, no thanks.

for the fact that i have beaten my old record, back with my firstborn, i think i am doing good this time. but i will certainly want to make it better next time, when my 3rd one comes.

(no i am not expecting. i am just saying.)


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