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i hate the fact that our vacation this time went by TERRIBLY fast. how come??? we were waiting for it like ages and then it went by just like that!

anyway, my whole family (including my folks, brothers and sister in-law) went up the hill towards Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. this was my second time that i went there and my first was when i was 12. yea, back here again after 20 years. any changes? i couldn’t tell the difference. blame it on my goldfish memory.



i thought it was much colder in December than in other months. the rainy season was probably the cause of it but i loved the fog that formed across the mountains. they were pretty. our stay at Strawberry Park Resort was great. i loved the ambiance, scenery ad the room decor.

IMG_3716 IMG_3719

IMG_3737 IMG_3826

there was a balcony, with lush greenery a forested area blocking our view of beautiful green hills. but i still love this place. the room was spacious enough to fit in a wide 2-seater sofa and a coffee table. the room was as big as my own living and dining room combined.


the bathroom was big as well! (but i do not have any of its photo)



we were at the tea plantation, a place where a friend of mine recommended to visit. the visitor centre was where we could taste some samples of different flavoured tea. HOWEVER, we did not go up there. yes, we had to climb up a hill to go up to the visitor centre.


i thought that the steps to the visitor centre were very steep. no way i could go up there, although i would really love to. why not? it was the place where Aaron Aziz shot his scene for Ombak Rindu! but looking at how i would end up exhausted with aching muscles, i declined the climb.



there were not many ripe strawberries hanging from the vines. probably because it was not its season. we were lucky to get to see a handful of them red ones. the rest were mostly small and green. there were already picked strawberries that were dried and cut into small pieces for tourists to sample at their small stall.

IMG_3751 IMG_3765

we bought some of them and two strawberry heads followed us home.

IMG_3748 IMG_3749

we saw huge, beautiful potted cacti at Cactus Point.

IMG_3754 IMG_3756

IMG_3759 IMG_3761

unlike Singapore, there were always plenty of stalls lined along the streets, selling all kinds of food here in Malaysia. from finger food to snacks and even full, complete kampung dishes. and each time we traveled to this part of the world, we would always go hungry. there would always be enough space in the stomach for all kinds of food. and even junks.



the aroma of the charcoal-grilled corns were to die for!

IMG_3823 IMG_3826


unfortunately, we didn’t spend enough time here in Cameron Highlands. i wished we had a whole week for our stay because i had fallen in love with Strawberry Park Resort. 3 days here were just not enough. even hubby was complaining. LOL.

i would come back here again but definitely not gonna wait for another 20 years. what say you, husband??


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