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the one who is One


she turned one two days ago. and since daddy was on his off day, we brought the birthday girl, and her sister, to an ice-cream treat at Swensen’s.

1505266_10202922034396272_485800202_n 1471741_10202922034036263_1495959444_n

we’ve never really let her eat ice-cream before; just a few licks were all she had. but 2 days ago, we gave it a go and fed her some small, itty bitty scoop of the dessert.


and instead of swallowing, she spat it out and let it sloppily slipped off her mouth. and dirtied her onesie. aaahhh, i had zero tolerance for kids dirtying their clothes. but because we were in the public, i shrieked a lot lesser and cleaned up the dirty spot like nothing happened. and like a good mom should. hahah!


the rest of us ate a big bowl of 8 scoops of ice-cream like there was no tomorrow. i wondered whose birthday we were treating for. lol. surprisingly, i couldn’t help them to finish it up. i left them to finish the eating job.


happy 1st birthday to my little BamBam.



p/s: sorry. i just can’t produce enough words for this post. because we’re off to celebrate her birthday, again! but this time it will be together with her grand aunt, who turns XX today. wait for it in my next post. more words and lengthy, i pwomise.


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