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A Beachy Life

I love beaches! We had some connections; between me and the beach. No matter how much I try to go against it, I will always end up in the water. And since I was a toddler, my family had always been planning for a beach picnic. And not just a mat and a basket kind of picnic. We’d bring a tent kind of picnic. And even charcoals and tongs and ice box and whathaveyous.

Last weekend, we did just that.








My paternal family is a beachy kind. We love beaches and after one beach picnic, plans for another one will come up as we are done with the current one.








Our favourite haunt is the Changi Beach. It beats me why we always come back here. Maybe because it is right outside of the World’s Number One Airport. Our uncles, aunties, cousins and even kids will go crazy when an airplane zooms by right above our heads with the thunderous roar of the engine. Though it can be VERY deafening, it is fun.

Other beaches like Pasir Ris Beach, East Coast Beach or even Sembawang Beach are in the “No Go” list.





And talking about food, my aunt (dad’s eldest sibling) will have everyone plan and discuss what kind of food they can bring. We whatsapp each other for the list of food – chips, sausages, dendeng, chicken wings with cajun seasoning, corn beef, bread, potatoes, bottled drinks, and even nasi lemak!





And we will never miss this one out. We love dipping ourselves in the water. When we get hungry, we walk back to our tent to get some bites of this and that. Minutes later, we’re back in the water.

And one of my favourite past time (recently discovered) is…


collecting sea shells. I have never done this before. I mean, yea, I used to pick them up, examine it but I would throw them back in the sea. This time, I brought them home. Lots of them.


Remember our last picnic here, celebrating Fateha’s 4th birthday? We encountered those ooey gooey jellyfish? This time, something else came to us.


A little sea star. Unlike the jellyfish where we caught more than 5 of ’em, this was the only sea star we ever saw. I though that this is so raw. I mean, the only time I’d get to see a starfish would be at The Touch Pool at Sentosa. But this is a real encounter, swimming with us!!!

My brother accidentally stepped on it while he was in the water and he thought he stepped on a stone or something. Only when he tried dipping his hand into the water and picked it up, he realised it was a sea star.

We kept in it a cup with sea water of course. No we didn’t bring it home. Like good, compassionate citizens and animal lovers we are, we let it go – back into the water.


And whaddaya know. There is already a plan for the next picnic. I think you can call us orang laut, sea people.

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