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Ignorance is (NOT) bliss

Especially if you are on the receiving end.

Seriously, I do not understand some parents. Yes, parents! Parents of young children. How can they be so ignorant of what is going on around them and just continue with shopping for their own wants and needs? This ignorance thing just gets to me, it makes my blood boiling hot.

Yesterday, both hubby and I brought the kids out to the park and then headed to our neighbourhood mall to have a sushi dinner. The dinner was alright, peaceful and fun; trying out some kids’ special meals and we got a shock that we had to pay for the wet towels! To think that we brought wet tissues. Pfft.

And then we went for a window shopping. That was when stupid things happened, when it should have not (or so I thought). We already had our hands full; watching out for Fateha and making sure she walked safely without bumping into anyone or anything. Although she was already walking without support, she would still take a fall or a stumble every now and then. Whenever we were out, we would have hundreds of antennas sticking out of our heads looking out for things and sensing future accidents.

So we stopped at a nameless store selling very cheap things; from facial products to bags. And the goods were all branded stuff. Biotherm, Lancolm, Estee Lauder and whathaveyous. I was intrigued and thought of getting a bottle or two of those miracle anti-aging cream (not that I needed them). They were so cheap, like $5 cheap! How not to get tempted? Until hubby questioned their authenticity.

“I do not think these things are original. They could be fake. Look at the prices!” and with that, my intention of getting some diminished. But we were still in that store, just looking around when a lady with three super active kids stepped inside. And there was another adult with her.

I could still tolerate screaming children, running up and down the mall like they owned it if they were aware of the people around them. But children who ran and chased each other, pushing other people so that they could get away from their “chaser”, THAT really needed a knock on the head from me. I mean literally, of course.

Both our girls were also standing with us, looking at the products we were looking at. Fateena stepped aside to the next shelf. That lady was also standing next to us, grabbing some things from the boxes on the shelves. One of that lady’s kids ran in, trying to hide from her brothers who were chasing her and then she pushed Fateena to the shelf, whose face hit a box, just so that she could grab her mother’s dress.

My jaw dropped. Not because of what she did but because of what her mother did not do. She just continued looking and grabbing some products. Super ignorant at its best. I sucked in the air sharply and closed my eyes. I decided that it was best to leave the store. We grabbed the kids and tried to walk out when the other two boys, who were chasing their little sister, ran in and blocked our way. Fine, just stepped aside and let us out. No, they did not.

Their mother decided that all 5 of them should stand and block us to look at the products. WTH?!? I tell you, I looked at the mother’s face and it was a super ignorant face. How do I know that? She did not even bother to turn around and look if there were anybody walking out. Nope, never. I was standing there, directing my husband and kids to come out and still she just could not move an inch. Her brood were all gathered there at the exit, panting heavily from the chase, sweating profusely and shrieking away.

I was exasperated. I stomped my way towards my kids, grabbed them and made a turn around another aisle and got out! I do not question her way of disciplining kids because to each his own but I want to question her ignorance. How bloody ignorant can she be??? And to think that I knew who she was and thought her ex-husband, who spoke highly of himself, too high and mighty, treating lesser known people like flies, was there too. I knew him back in the blogspot days and Multiply and all. Yea, he was (and maybe still is) a blogger whom I had followed once upon a time.

I spoke to hubby and thanked Allah that our kids were well behaved whenever we went out. I knew that I was blessed to have such kids. I did not deny that kids being kids, sometimes they could drive you to the wall with their antics and all. But that was where adults should step in and redirect them to behaving better. I always stressed this to my kids that whenever they were outside, they had to be on their best behaviour. This included:
1) speaking softly
2) no running about (only in playgrounds and parks)
3) staying together with mommy and daddy
4) hold hands
5) saying excuse me or sorry when accidents happened
6) keeping their hands to themselves (not to touch anything in the shops and stores to avoid breakage)

Socially acceptable behaviour is important, people. Educate our kids so that they will not become a nuisance to the society.


a wife, a mother, an anxious-for-no-reason person and a pure lazy bum.

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